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Building a Relapse Prevention Plan: Part 2

In Building a Relapse Prevention Plan: Part 1, we discussed four important tips to help you create an effective relapse prevention plan. Here’s a quick recap of them.

  • Understand the stages of relapse.
  • Be aware of your triggers.
  • Write down your reasons for quitting.
  • Seek professional help.

Below, we’ve included several other tips that can increase your chances of a successful relapse prevention plan.

Breathe and Meditate

When you feel like you want to return to drug use, breathe and meditate. You may be surprised to learn that slow, controlled breaths may change your brain chemistry by releasing neurotransmitters. These breaths paired with meditation can help you think positive, happy thoughts and direct you away from relapse.

Join Support Groups

Sometimes, you need the support of others who are going through the same journey you are. They know what it’s like to be addicted to drugs and are committed to the recovery process. These people are also aware of how easy it is to relapse and can share their personal strategies for reducing its risk. Look for drug support groups in your local area to connect with these types of people and build the ideal relapse prevention plan for your situation.

Use the 5-4-3-2-1 Technique

If you feel anxious or stressed, the 5-4-3-2-1 technique is invaluable. Not only can it reduce any tension you may feel and relax your mind, it may lower your chances of relapse. With the 5-4-3-2-1 technique, you stop whatever you’re doing and:

  • Find five things you can see.
  • Find four things you can touch.
  • Find three things you can hear.
  • Find two things you can smell.
  • Find one thing you can taste. 

Create an Emergency Contact List

Think of a few trustworthy friends and family members you can turn to when the going gets tough. Then, write down their names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Hang up this emergency contact list in a place you frequent. This will ensure you’re always reminded of the people who can support you and listen to your thoughts and feelings when you have the urge to relapse. 

Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

A complete, 365 degree lifestyle change is essential if you’d like to recover effectively and avoid relapse. It will reduce or even eliminate your triggers and make it easier for you to lead the healthy, happy, and drug-free life you’re longing for. To change your lifestyle, you may want to refrain from places you used to visit before, only spend time with sober loved ones, and participate in hobbies and activities that are unrelated to your addiction. It’s also a good idea to stay busy and make time for self-care. 

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