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Sober Living Center

Find Addiction Treatment with People who Truly Care

people learn about a sober living program in tampa flDuring your time in treatment, you learned how to overcome substance abuse. You developed coping mechanisms to manage stress and triggers when you re-enter your everyday life. But jumping head-first into the hustle and bustle of daily life after addiction treatment can lead you to fall back into old habits. This is why sober living is often a necessary step in the recovery process.

At Footprints Beachside Recovery, we can help ease the transition back to the real world after time in treatment. If you’re interested in learning more about our sober living program in Tampa, Florida, contact our team today by calling 727.513.5972 or filling out our online contact form.

Sober Living at Footprints Beachside Recovery

Your recovery journey at Footprints Beachside Recovery begins with our private, secluded treatment center nestled in the old Florida beach town of Treasure Island. From detox to day/night treatment and outpatient treatment, you’ll participate in a continuum of care that will get the alcohol or drugs out of your system and help you relearn how to live life sober.

You’ll then have the opportunity to live in our sober living homes in Largo, Florida. Our sober living program’s mission is to give you more independence and accountability over your own sobriety, while still providing addiction recovery support. This program serves as a stable and structured transition back to everyday life for those who are in early recovery.

To ensure you’re maintaining your recovery, you’ll be held responsible for:

  • Maintaining employment or attending school full-time
  • Meeting curfews
  • Participating in weekly house meetings
  • Submitting regular breathalyzers, urine samples, and other tests

Our sober living home is also available to those who did not participate in our continuum of care treatment and come from other addiction treatment centers.

Why You Should Consider a Sober Living House After Treatment

Your recovery from addiction and dual diagnosis disorders doesn’t stop when you complete outpatient treatment. Your recovery is an ongoing process that requires patience, time and practice.

Sober living produces many benefits, including that sober living:

  • Bridges the gap between treatment and everyday life – Our transitional living program helps you slowly make your way back into your daily routine at your own pace. After a stressful day at work or school, our sober living home serves as a safe place to return to that promotes your recovery lifestyle and can keep you from relapsing.
  • Offers on-site support from your peers – When you’re in our sober living program, you’ll have access to peer support management that can help ease your transition back to your life. This resource can answer any questions you may have or help you work through difficult situations, thoughts, or emotions.
  • Promotes lasting recovery – You have spent countless months beating back addiction and getting on the right track. Why risk all that work by jumping back into your old life before you’re ready? Sober living offers a slower transition that can help you do your due diligence and set you up for long-term recovery success.

Ultimately, our Footprints Beachside Recovery team wants you to look at your addiction treatment as well worth the time, energy, and investment. We want you to live a healthy and fulfilling life again, and our sober living program can help you make that happen.

Grievance Procedure:

Any person(s) who believes that their rights have been violated or has a complaint or grievance may file a complaint pursuant to the procedures set forth below, on their behalf, or on the behalf of another person. All persons are encouraged to file a grievance. By filing a complaint the individual will not subject themselves to any form of adverse action, reprimand, retaliation, or otherwise negative treatment by Footprints Sober Living. Clients shall have immediate access to the Grievance form; a posting of the Grievance Procedure will be each unit, with the levels of appeals, and in the Client handbook.

Grievances and complaints processing procedures are as follows:

     A. Residents are encouraged to discuss any problems with house management and owners. The resident and staff will try to find a resolution. The staff will correspond with the owners on the Grievance and/or compliant and any resolution.

     B. All grievances shall first be filed with the house manager by completing a “Resident Grievance” form. House manager or staff shall give the resident a receipt of the filed Grievance and log the grievance. The owners will conduct an internal investigation and render an initial determination and resolution within 2 days of receipt of the complaint in writing.

     C. If the complainant is not satisfied or if the complaint is not resolved with the results achieved in Step 2, the complainant may file an appeal and/or the grievance shall be forwarded to the owners and this meeting shall be held within two working days of the date it is requested.

     D. The resident shall be presented a resolution and response to their grievance in writing.

In the event that a client does not feel a resolution has been reached they may contact FARR, and file a grievance with our accrediting body via

Ease Your Transition with Sober Living at Footprints Beachside Recovery

Are you ready to ease back into a life that doesn’t include alcohol or drug abuse? Our sober living program in Largo, Florida, may be just what you’re looking for. For more information about our sober living program, contact Footprints Beachside Recovery today online or at 727.513.5972. We can give you the tools you need to continue on the right path, so reach out to our team today.

We are in the process of getting our housings accredited under “FARR” and part of the requirement is to including posting and maintaining a copy of the grievance procedure on our website with redirect link to file a grievance with FARR.