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Aetna Insurance for Drug Rehab

Aetna Insurance

Footprints Beachside Recovery offers a comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment program. It addresses all aspects of our client’s physical and emotional needs, including co-occurring mental health disorders like depression or anxiety. We are able to work with many major insurance providers, including Aetna. If you currently have questions about your Aetna rehab insurance coverage, we can offer some information about how to determine your coverage for addiction rehab.

At Footprints Beachside Recovery, we want to make sure that everyone has access to the care they need to heal from addiction. That’s why we work with Aetna and other insurance providers to help our clients pay for rehab. We understand that the process of finding out your insurance coverage can be confusing, so we’re here to help. To learn more, contact us today at 727-954-3908 or complete our convenient and secure online form below.

Aetna Health Insurance for Substance Abuse

A barrier preventing individuals from seeking addiction treatment isn’t a lack of desire to recover but the costs associated with attending rehab. Based on your specific Aetna insurance policy, anywhere from a portion to the entire cost of treatment could be covered. 

Confirming Your Addiction Rehab Coverage with Aetna

Although Footprints Beachside Recovery accepts Aetna as an insurance provider, you will still need to call and confirm coverage with Aetna. Every policy is different, which means there is still a chance your coverage may be denied. You can start by reviewing your specific benefits guide. Then, reach out to your Aetna insurance representative if you have any questions or need more information. You can reach your Aetna representative by calling 1-800-872-3862. If your coverage is denied, you will still have the opportunity to appeal. This is usually done by writing an appeals letter. Make sure you follow up with Aetna and complete the appeals procedure correctly.

More about Aetna

Aetna provides health insurance for nearly 27.9 million people, with a network that includes about 1.2 million health care professionals, including more than 690,000 primary care doctors and specialists. They’re also in-network with over 5,700 hospitals. With almost 50,000 employees, Aetna is one of the largest healthcare providers in the country.

Aetna’s goal is to provide members with the resources they need to make informed decisions about their health care. That includes everything from providing tips on staying healthy to offering a wide range of coverage options. Aetna also offers programs and services to help members manage chronic conditions like mental health concerns.

Why Should You Consider Substance Abuse Treatment?

There are many reasons to consider seeking treatment for a substance abuse disorder. If you’re struggling with addiction, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. In fact, according to the government, about 20 million people in the United States suffer from a substance use disorder.

Addiction is a serious disease that can have a profound effect on your life. It can damage your health, your relationships, and your career. If you’re struggling with addiction, treatment can help you get your life back on track. At Footprints Beachside Recovery, we offer treatment options such as:

  • Alcohol addiction treatment
  • Heroin addiction treatment
  • Opioid addiction treatment
  • Prescription drug addiction treatment
  • Cocaine addiction treatment

If you’re ready to get started on the road to recovery, we can help. Contact us today for more information about our program and how we can help you or your loved one overcome addiction.

When You’re Ready to Start, Footprints Beachside Recovery Is Ready to Help

Start your journey to recovery today by chatting with our friendly admissions team. They can help you verify your benefits and answer all of your questions about treatment and recovery at Footprints Beachside Recovery. Call 727-954-3908.

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