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Is There a Cure for Alcohol Addiction?

An addiction to alcohol can be sneaky. It creeps into a person’s life unnoticed until it becomes a serious problem. Once it’s in the open, loved ones of the person suffering often hope for an alcohol addiction cure or easy fix.

While alcohol addiction is a brain disease, there is no simple cure. Overcoming the problem can be a long process and often includes a variety of treatments. Someone suffering from alcohol dependence is oftentimes recommended several of the following:

  • Detox
  • Behavior modification
  • Counseling
  • Medications

When is it a Problem?

Alcohol and drinking are everywhere. How do you know when your loved one is actually suffering from addiction and needs help?

  1. Their tolerance to drinking requires more alcohol.
  2. They show withdraw symptoms between bouts of drinking.
  3. There is a loss of control of how much or how often alcohol is consumed.
  4. They wish to stop drinking but cannot follow through.
  5. They neglect their job, family, friends or hobbies.
  6. A continued use of alcohol even though it leads to problems in their life.

Starting the Recovery Process

Alcohol causes changes in the brain that make it difficult to quit. Because of this, “toughing it out” and trying to quit on their own is not an option that leads to success. Treating an addiction is similar to treating any other chronic disease like diabetes or asthma; It can be managed, and the patient can lead a healthy and normal life.

Since there is no alcohol addiction cure, recovery for alcohol abuse is a lifelong journey. Treatment can allow the sufferer to stop using alcohol, but he or she will still face the risk of relapses and temptations. The process is always ongoing.

What to Know Before Treatment

  • Alcohol dependency is permanent. This is why someone who finished treatment is still said to be in recovery and is not recovered.
  • There is no shortcut for recovery. It can take a year of treatment and aftercare to get and stay sober. A long-term program is the best chance for success.
  • Relapse is common during recovery. Treatment programs provide tools that will help your loved one get through their setbacks and continue on with their recovery.
  • Not every treatment center is the same and the program should be customized to the individual. Patients and families should talk to the staff before checking in to any treatment center.
  • Addiction is often accompanied by mood disorders like depression and anxiety. In this case, additional care will be needed to treat these disorders.

Managing Addiction Without a Cure

Alcohol addiction is serious, but also manageable with the right care. Those suffering need medical and psychological support in the form of an alcohol treatment program in order to overcome their disease. That work can start immediately. Contact us for more information on our specialized treatment programs for alcohol addiction.

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