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How Sober Living Homes Help Keep You on Track

If you’re trying to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction, a sober living home is an invaluable resource. Often times, sober living homes are situated in nearby towns presenting tranquil recovery environments to transition back into your new life. Choosing the right home for your situation and personal needs will change your life for the better. Let’s dive deeper into what sober living homes are and how they work. 

Sober Living Homes vs. Rehab Centers

While the terms sober living homes and rehab centers are often used interchangeably, they are different. Compared to rehab centers, sober living homes typically allow for more freedom. If you attend one, you can come and go as you’d like as long as you abide by certain rules. 

While you’ll have a lot of freedom at a sober living home, you’ll also have a lot of responsibility, which is an important part of taking your life back. For many, you’ll need to pay for your own rent, buy your own food, clean, do laundry, and complete all the tasks you’d have to do if you lived in a regular home. 

Sober Living House vs. Halfway Houses

Sober living homes and halfway houses have a lot in common. They both offer substance-free living for those facing addiction. Originally, halfway houses were designed to provide patients with somewhere to stay after they complete inpatient treatment or participated in outpatient rehab. 

Since they give residents the opportunity to recover in a supportive, sober environment instead of the one they were used to, halfway homes improved outcomes for many people. There are, however, drawbacks of halfway houses that are not seen in sober living houses.

Unlike sober living houses which invite you to stay as long or as little as you’d like, halfway houses require you to move out at a specific time. Also, halfway houses only accept those who have recently completed a substance abuse program or are currently attending one. 

Who Are Sober Living Homes For?

Most sober living homes prefer that you’ve completed some type of substance abuse rehabilitation program, because they require you to stay sober, but that is not a strict requirement with Footprints Beachside Recovery. If you’re in the process of recovery or have already been sober for a bit, you’re more likely to succeed than someone who is in the initial stages of the recovery process. 

In the event you’re new to recovery, some sober living homes may still accept you if you pledge to stay sober and follow all the other rules. Sober living homes tend to be lenient with their requirements and inclusive of all types of people.

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