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What are Sober Bars?

A young woman singing karaoke at a sober bar.

There was a time when you knew the best bars and clubs in town. Drinking and partying was one of your favorite hobbies. But the fun started to come with a price. And whether you are recovering from an alcohol addiction or looking to cut back, the temptation to drink can be hard to shake.

Now that you are alcohol-free, there’s a new struggle you’re dealing with. Watching your friends and family celebrate and drink alcohol knowing you can’t is weighing on you. In this situation, it’s natural to feel left out. You become envious of their experiences as the temptation to drink gains momentum.

But what if there was a way you could create your own memorable experiences in a safe environment? That’s where sober bars can help.

The Rundown on Sober Bars

There was a time when social activity for someone with an alcohol addiction was limited. But now sober bars are beginning to open all across the country.
Sober bars are just like any other bar, but there’s one big difference. No alcohol is allowed. You’ll be able to enjoy the friendly atmosphere and entertainment without having to worry about the temptation to drink. To complete the experience, some sober bars even offer “mocktails,” or non-alcoholic beverages that have the look of traditional drinks.

At its core, sober bars are about letting people experience the social aspect of bars in a safe environment where they can avoid cravings and not feel judged for staying sober.

The Benefits of Sober Bar for Recovering Addicts

For those in recovery from an alcohol addiction, one of the top concerns is relapse. Some addiction professionals say that relapse is more about your life becoming unmanageable than it is about the substance. A large part of preventing relapse is about developing healthy coping skills for stress and anxiety.

Some of the benefits of sober bars include:

1. Rediscovering How to Have Fun When You’re Sober

If you’re recovering from an alcohol addiction, it’s easy to look back on your drinking and think that having fun without alcohol is impossible. You’re not the first to feel this way. But there are more healthy ways to enjoy yourself without drinking. That’s why many sober bars have engaging activities like karaoke, dancing, trivia and live music. Before you know it, you’ll get a glimpse of all the opportunities there are to have fun without alcohol.

2. Giving You a Place to Escape from Alcohol

From workplace happy hours to the constant posting on social media, it can be hard to escape from alcohol. But when you’re recovering from an alcohol addiction, you want to limit your exposure and temptation as much as possible. There are times in recovery where you need a place to go with no pressure to drink. Sober bars give you that opportunity with all the benefits of the social scene attached.

3. Making New Friends and Creating a Support System

It can be tough to make friends as an adult, especially if you’re in recovery. But sober bars give you a unique opportunity to make new friends. When you go to a sober bar, you’ll already have something in common with almost everyone you meet: The desire to be alcohol free.

But it’s not just those in recovery that go to sober bars. People under 21, non-drinkers and people who are looking for a change of pace are drawn to sober bars. Once you step foot inside a sober bar, you’ll realize you’re not alone and meet other amazing people like yourself.

4. Offering You a Safe Place to Socialize

One of the biggest risks of relapse is isolation. Social connection is a cornerstone of lasting recovery. And finding ways to build more meaningful relationships can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sober bars act as a type of support group for those in recovery at first. It’s a place where you can feel safe. You’ll also have the chance to meet other people in recovery. Hearing someone else’s story can be therapeutic for your own journey.

If You Think You Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment, You Do

Alcohol abuse isn’t the path to lasting happiness in your life, even though it wants you to believe it is. At Footprints Beachside Recovery, we’ve been through alcohol addiction ourselves. This is why we believe that individualized treatment is important to lasting recovery.

In our family-run luxury treatment center in Treasure Island, FL, we can help you restore the life that alcohol addiction has taken from you. We know there are times when alcohol seems like your only shot at relief, but there is another way. Our gender-specific treatment in a therapeutic environment is ready to support your recovery.

Make a Choice that Supports Your Intention for a Healthy Life

Our alcohol addiction treatment offers no lectures or judgments, only healing. If you’re struggling with an alcohol addiction or worried about relapsing, we’re here to support you. Contact our expert team today. We can answer your questions and listen to your story. See what alcohol addiction treatment in Florida can do for you.

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