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Is Your Loved One Addicted to Cocaine?

What is Cocaine?

According to the National Institute on drug abuse, cocaine is a highly addictive, powerful stimulant that can alter brain function after prolonged use. Cocaine appears as a fine, white powder – similar to cornstarch or baking flour. Cocaine can be injected, snorted or, when modified with other chemicals, smoked as a substance commonly referred to as “crack.”

Cocaine Addiction Symptoms to Watch For

If you’re concerned that someone is abusing cocaine – either by snorting, injecting or smoking it, here are some of the most common ways this powerful drug can impact the people who use it. Some of these cocaine addiction symptoms will be difficult, if not impossible, for you to detect, while others may be easy to see.

Effects on Mood

• Aggressiveness
• Euphoria
• Overconfidence
• Paranoia
• Unusual excitement

Effects on the Cardiovascular System

• Cardiac arrest
• Constricted blood vessels
• Enlarged Heart
• Heart attacks
• Rapid heart rate

Effects on Physical Appearance

• Dilated pupils
• Nosebleeds & Runny nose
• Track marks
• Burned lips or fingers

Effects of Long-Term Abuse

• Agitation
• Depression
• Intense cravings
• Need for higher doses

Common Signs of Cocaine Addiction and Use

So, how can you tell if someone you care about is using cocaine? In addition to observing the signs of cocaine addiction as we describe here, you can also look for changes in behavior or the appearance of new, unexplained “rituals” that seem out of the ordinary.

Sudden weight loss & lack of appetite: Cocaine restricts appetite and may cause long-term users to lose weight and take on a frail appearance.
Frequently disappearing into the bathroom or other secluded locations: Cocaine addiction may escalate quickly, causing users to need more and more of the drug to achieve the same effect.
Residual amounts of cocaine on the face or nasal area: Users who snort cocaine sometimes get careless and can be seen with a white, powder substance in or near their nostrils.
The physical presence of glass pipes, discarded syringes or rolled up bills: Depending on how your loved one prefers to ingest cocaine, you may come across drug paraphernalia used to administer doses.

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At Footprints Beachside Recovery, we offer a personalized cocaine addiction rehab program for every resident. Cocaine rehab options include 30-, 60-, and 90-day residential programs, as well as an intensive outpatient program and virtual IOP for local clients who meet the criteria.

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