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8 Common Myths About Heroin Addiction, Debunked

Heroin was considered non-addictive when it was developed over 100 years ago. Since then it has become one of the most talked about drugs in use today. The more it’s discussed in today’s society, the more myths come out of these conversations. As misinformation can cause serious dangers, here are eight common myths of heroin addiction.

Myth #1: Most heroin addictions start with a legitimate pain prescription

The real risk factor for addiction is youth. It usually starts with experimentation in adolescence or early adulthood. It often is tried in conjunction with binge drinking, marijuana and cocaine use.

Myth #2: Heroin in only a problem for IV drug users

Actually, heroin can be used in several forms. Injection provides the most direct route for delivery, but it can also be snorted.

Myth #3: Heroin is less dangerous when smoked or snorted

The only risk factor that is diminished is the risk of HIV transmission through a needle. It is equally dangerous in every form.

Myth #4: Heroin is too expensive for teens

The prevalence of school-aged children having access to heroin is on the rise. Heroin is cheaper when snorted and this has expanded the use of the drug to the suburbs and even rural America.

Myth #5: Tough love is the only thing that works

The complete opposite is true. Like anyone, people with an addiction respond best when treated with dignity and respect.

Myth #6: Abstinence is the only treatment option for heroin addiction

Unfortunately, very few individuals can quit on their own. To quit, a drug rehab program is essential. At drug rehab facilities, you’ll learn techniques to overcome addiction and prevent relapses.

Myth #7: Insurance won’t cover heroin addiction treatment

Many people with an addiction believe they can’t afford help, but substance abuse disorders are now typically covered. Check with your provider to see what type of coverage you have.

Myth #8: Recovery is rare

The prognosis may seem grim, but the odds of recovery are better than they appear, especially when done in a specialized drug treatment center.

Getting the Help You Need

Finding the right rehab center is the first step toward any recovery. Heroin addiction is treatable when the right combination of treatments, therapies and support are in place. Find your solution with a personalized treatment program for heroin addiction. Contact us today to start your recovery.

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