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Family Therapy Program

Families form the context for human growth and survival. Your family environment can help you build healthy habits that sustain you in daily life. However, it can also set negative examples that eventually impair your ability to function. Studies show that family-related issues often set the stage for substance use and the development of substance use issues. That’s why our Treasure Island therapy programs provide family support and counseling to assist. A family therapy program may play a big part in effective addiction recovery. Man holds hands with family member on couch as they endure family therapy program

Need a family therapy program in Treasure Island, FL? Footprints Beachside Recovery provides family counseling as part of our services. With our help, you and your loved ones can start resolving the issues that contribute to family disharmony. Through our family therapy program, we’ll help you understand and care for each other in a way that creates safe and supportive relationships.

Families and Substance Use Issues

Research shows that your home life can play a massive role in your use of drugs or alcohol. A supportive, communicative family setting can decrease your exposure to substance use. However, a divisive or dysfunctional setting can have the opposite effect. The same holds true for your chances of developing a serious drug or alcohol problem. Specific home-life factors that increase the odds of substance abuse and addiction include: 

  • A breakdown in family communication 
  • Unstable daily surroundings 
  • Having parents who condone drinking or taking drugs 
  • Being abused or neglected by a family member 

Living with a parent affected by substance abuse or an addiction also boosts your chances of developing the same problems.  

The Impact of Your Substance Use 

If you have a substance use condition, you may create your own negative influence on your family. People struggling with addiction tend to de-prioritize their relationships. They also tend to have a hard time recognizing the damage that their behavior produces within their families.  This can create a lot of tension and increase the risk of family conflict. 

Thankfully, seeking professional help at Footprints Beachside Recovery offers one way to break this cycle. Our family therapy program will help you learn how to interact with your loved ones in a healthier manner. We’ll also teach your family members how to support you during your journey towards lasting recovery.

The Principles of Family Therapy 

Family therapy is a guided, conscious approach to resolving family conflict. This approach has another common name: family counseling. The core goals of a family program include: 

  • Uncovering your family unit’s key disputes and conflicts 
  • Allowing each family member to speak honestly about these disagreements 
  • Finding ways to create common ground and improve family function 

At times, the therapy focuses on the person enrolled in substance treatment. However, it also focuses, in turn, on all other participating family members. Your therapist oversees this process, contributes observations, and helps you find effective solutions.  

There are multiple forms of family therapy. Each version makes use of specific methods and techniques. However, all forms of therapy share the common purpose of strengthening your family unit.  

How Family Counseling Can Support Your Recovery Goals 

A family therapy program can promote the goals of rehab in multiple ways. That includes such things as: 

  • Eliminating a common motivation for drinking or using drugs 
  • Increasing your access to family support during your recovery 
  • Helping you restore trust and mend your relationships 

You may also find yourself more willing to commit to the recovery process.  

Call Footprints Beachside Recovery’s Family Therapy Program in Treasure Island, FL 

Family support is often a key element in addiction recovery. Unfortunately, conflicts and dysfunction can limit your access to this resource. But with help from a family program, you and your loved ones can start to heal and grow. This isn’t only beneficial to you. It can also benefit your family as a whole. 

At Promises Beachside Recovery, we understand the value of a well-designed family therapy program. Every day, we use this powerful option to promote rehab success. Want to learn more about how we can help? Just call us today at 727-954-3908. We’re also available through our online form

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