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Addiction Treatment for Young Adults

Our young adult drug & alcohol treatment programs at Footprints Beachside Recovery in Treasure Island are designed to address the specific needs and unique challenges often faced by individuals typically in the age range of 18 to 30 years. 

Rehab for Young Adults

Young adult rehab programs focus on developing life skills needed for independent living, such as managing finances, finding employment, and creating healthy relationships. We’ll address common issues like peer pressure, identity formation, pressures of college, starting a career, and transition to independence. 

Each person will be able to heal in a safe & comfortable environment just steps from the beach.

photo of two young adult females from our program on the beach in Treasure Island Florida

Check out some other key aspects of our young adults program:

Holistic Treatment Approaches

Therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, and group therapy. Also included are holistic therapies like yoga, meditation, fitness and art therapy to support overall well-being.

Education & Career Support

Many young adults are in a crucial phase of their educational or career journey, these programs will provide support in areas, including educational planning, career counseling, and skills development for real world adult experiences.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment:

For many young adults struggling with substance abuse mental health conditions are often present. We’ll address co-occurring conditions such as depression, anxiety & bipolar disorder.

Gender & Cultural Sensitivity

Programs may be tailored to meet the needs of specific cultural groups or address gender-specific issues in treatment.

Lifestyle and Skills Training

Skills training might include coping strategies for stress, time management, financial management, and healthy lifestyle choices.

Aftercare Planning

To prevent relapse, these programs typically include an aftercare plan that may involve continued therapy, support groups, and monitoring.

Meet Some of Our Caring Staff at Footprints

We are family owned and operated, and some of us have our own stories to tell. Our staff is the most compassionate and knowledgeable rehab team in the area. Ask questions, ask about our journeys, and learn more about how to stay sober for the long run.

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Family Involvement for Young Adults

Family involvement is also a critical element when helping young adults through an addiction treatment program. It not only benefits the individual in recovery but also aids the family in understanding addiction and how to best support their loved one.

Why is family involvement so important:

  • Improving Treatment Outcomes

  • Educating the Family

  • Healing Family Relationships

  • Identifying Dysfunctional Patterns

  • Developing a Supportive Home Environment

  • Addressing Co-Dependency and Enabling Behaviors

  • Improving Mental Health of Family Members

  • Building a Support Network

  • Long-Term Recovery Planning

  • Enhancing Communication Skills

Involving family during treatment provides a more comprehensive approach to recovery by addressing the needs of both the individual and their family. Click below to dive deeper into the benefits and learn how we incorporate families throughout the process. 

Finding the Right Treatment Center for Your Son or Daughter

Whether Footprints is right for you, make sure you choose an accredited treatment center with good staff to client ratios. We are family owned and operated with our own stories of addiction and recovery, serving the Tampa St. Petersburg community for over 15+ years. 

If you or a loved one would like to discuss insurance, housing, program options, etc. we are here to help.

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