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Ecstasy Addiction Treatment Program in Florida

Find Addiction Treatment with People who Truly Care

Ecstasy Rehab that Can Effectively Restore Life through Sobriety

The high was probably a level of euphoria you’ve never felt before – but so was the devastating crash once the ecstasy wore off. Even though you’ve wanted to stop, the craving has had you crawling back for more.

Just because you haven’t been able to quit ecstasy or MDMA before doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It just means you need the right support to get you through recovery. At Footprints Beachside Recovery, we take a very personalized approach to your care and treatment to help you successfully overcome ecstasy addiction.

Ecstasy Addiction Treatment Centered Around You

Our own experience with addiction has shown us that the success of a person’s recovery depends on the level of personalized treatment provided. When we say our treatment is “individualized”, we mean that we craft a program tailored to address your unique physical, mental and emotional needs.

What to Expect with Ecstasy Rehab at Footprints Beachside Recovery

In your first 24 hours with us, we’ll evaluate your current state and work to understand the pain you’ve gone through. You’ll also have an initial session with our doctor and meet with one of our licensed mental health professionals.

After your initial evaluations, we’ll design a treatment plan whose sole mission to help you overcome and heal from ecstasy addiction. Your program will include things like doctor visits and psychiatric evaluations, personalized 24/7 supervision, nutrition and holistic treatments.

Ecstasy Detox in Treasure Island, Florida

Ecstasy withdrawal symptoms can be very uncomfortable, and in some cases, even dangerous. Depending on the needs of you or your loved one, we may transfer you to a local detox facility to complete the detoxification phase. That way, you can begin the recovery process without the toxins of ecstasy in your body.

Our Evidence-Based Approach to Healing Ecstasy Addiction

Our goal is to heal your whole self – body, mind and spirit – from ecstasy addiction. We do this by combining traditional, evidence-based treatment with a more holistic approach. These therapies include:

  • Individual Therapy: You’ll have a minimum of two individual therapy sessions a week with your therapist to work through your struggles with ecstasy addiction and heal. If you have an emergency or want help outside of your scheduled sessions, a therapist is always available.
  • Group Therapy: This is where you’ll get to talk with others going through similar situations and help each other through recovery.
  • Dual Diagnosis Groups and Trauma Therapy: Trauma or a mental health disorder may be an underlying cause of your ecstasy addiction. We make it a priority to help you recover from trauma, depression and anxiety.
  • Nutrition and Fitness: Proper nutrition and exercise programs are provided to help your body heal and grow strong again after a substance use disorder.
  • Holistic Activities: Activities like yoga, meditation, acupuncture, art therapy and massage therapy can help you relax, grow stronger and stimulate your creativity.

Ecstasy Rehab with Extra Support for Family and Loved Ones

We know that ecstasy addiction has a ripple effect on the entire family. While your loved one is in treatment, you may also want to use this time to recover, as well.

We provide monthly support and family education, including individual therapy sessions you can join in person or remotely over the phone. If you and your family could benefit from some family addiction treatment of your own, we can help.

Begin Your Recovery at Our Ecstasy Addiction Treatment in Treasure Island, Florida

At Footprints Beachside Recovery, we are committed to helping you overcome your addiction and restore you to a healthier, happier life. Located on the beautiful shores of the Gulf of Mexico, our Florida rehab center provides a natural and comfortable environment for you to heal from ecstasy addiction and begin the journey to recovery. Click to learn more about our programs and contact us today to speak to one of our admissions experts.