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Drug and Alcohol Detox Program

Folks sit and talk in group therapy during a drug and alcohol detox programRecovering from addiction can be a long journey filled with ups and downs. However, with the proper support from drug and alcohol detox program, it is possible to heal.

Your comfort, success, and recovery are our top priorities at Footprints Beachside Recovery. We help get you physically and mentally stable as you continue your recovery journey in a safe and comfortable environment. Our comprehensive detox center programs can give you the tools you need to overcome your addiction. If you’re interested in a detox program to help you begin to heal from addiction, reach out to Footprints Beachside Recovery today by calling 727-954-3908. Our addiction treatment programs in Treasure Island, FL are here to help. 

What Is a Drug and Alcohol Detox Program

Detoxification or detox is the process of ridding the body of chemical substances and toxins. Detox is the first step to recovering from addiction. Eliminating all traces of drugs and alcohol from the body is critical for short- and long-term recovery. The detoxification process can get challenging, and withdrawal can be potentially dangerous or even life-threatening. That’s why it is recommended to detox under the supervision of professionals so experts can safely manage withdrawal symptoms and overall health can be monitored.

At Footprints Beachside Recovery, our drug and alcohol detox programs begin with a comprehensive evaluation to assess your physical and mental health. We measure the amount of substances in your system. We’ll also gather information about your drug or alcohol use history. This foundational information will help us determine what is best for your detox needs. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. If we determine from our medical screening that you need deeper, more heavily medically supervised detox, we will recommend you to a local detoxification center where you can receive more thorough medical care.

Detox in a Safe Environment

Depending on the severity of you or your loved one’s addiction, detoxifying from drugs or alcohol alone could result in medical complications. Withdrawal symptoms can be especially dangerous.

Common withdrawal symptoms of alcohol addiction include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Tremors
  • High fever and sweating

Although withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the drug being used, typical drug withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Sudden mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain
  • Changes in appetite
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Restlessness

The good news is that our experts at Footprints Beachside Recovery are well-prepared to determine the level of care that each of our clients requires to detox from addiction safely. We are qualified to administer medications to ease these withdrawal symptoms to help people endure the challenging initial stage of recovery. At Footprints Beachside Recovery, our goal is to help our clients overcome withdrawal so that they can transition into the next phase of their healing process.

What Happens After a Detox Program?

After completing an alcohol or drug detox program, you can then transition into our more long-term addiction recovery program. Ridding the body of drugs and alcohol through detox is not enough to overcome addiction and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In order to begin your journey to long-term recovery, it is highly recommended to continue the journey to long-term sobriety through either a Partial Hospitalization or Intensive Outpatient program. We accept both men and women, and if you’re not sure what kind of treatment program is right for you, our experts will help you determine that based on your individual needs.

Begin to Heal at Footprints Beachside Recovery’s Tampa Detox Center

Our Footprints Beachside Recovery detox center is a leading provider of detox and treatment services in Florida. We will ensure that you or your family member’s detoxification is carefully monitored and that you are as comfortable as possible during your stay. Find out more about our drug and alcohol detox program in Treasure Island, FL by connecting with our Footprints Beachside Recovery team online or at 727-954-3908.

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