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Alumni Program

Alumni Events at Footprints Beachside Recovery

Our alumni join our Footprints Beachside Recovery family the minute they commit to getting help, and that bond lasts a lifetime through our alumni program. We encourage our alumni to check-in as often as they want with us via text, call, social media, etc.

We’ll host events and activities for our alumni to get together, share their stories, successes and challenges in recovery. Our alumni enjoy nights out at the skating rink to laugh & relax, themed holiday parties and much more.

2023 Roller Skating Event for Alumni in Treasure Island Florida

“If you’re tired of being sick and tired, Footprints Beachside Recovery might be the best decision you could ever make for you or your child.”

It’s hard to put into words how amazing this treatment center is. The facilities are top-notch – best of all, they are on or near some of the nicest beaches in the world. The staff and owners use a hands-on approach with all their clients. I honestly cannot think of any negative aspects of the entire program. If you want to get off drugs or alcohol and create the life of your dreams, this is the place for you!”


Addiction is marked by a tendency to withdraw from social contact. In substance treatment, you learn how to break free from social isolation and restore your ties to other people. Ideally, when rehab ends, you will maintain those ties. However, the chronic nature of addiction can make this goal harder to achieve than you might expect. That’s why our treatment programs for addiction in Florida actively encourage you to stay in touch with your rehab peers. They often do so by offering a rehab alumni program.

Footprint Beachside Recovery’s alumni program is designed to make staying in touch with your peers as easy as possible. With our help, you can make vital connections and maintain them over time. The end results may include a much easier time staying sober and socially active. 

The Fundamentals of an Addiction Alumni Program 

The term alumni has two common meanings. Often, it refers to people who have graduated from the same educational institution. It can also refer to former members of any given organization or group. In the context of substance recovery, alumni are people who have completed the rehab process. They may have attended the same recovery program. However, they may also come from different programs. 

People affected by addiction go through various common experiences while in rehab. These experiences not only help you understand yourself. They also help you understand your rehab peers. Recovery programs often rely on peer bonds to boost the effectiveness of the treatment process. The same bolstering effect can also help you thrive in an alumni program. 

Participation in this kind of group has two main goals. First, it’s intended to help you stay connected with others who share the rehab experience. In turn, this connection can be leveraged to help you keep your sobriety strong and active. 

Services Available in an Alumni Program in Treasure Island, FL 

What types of services might be available to you in an alumni program in Treasure Island, FL? The list of the most common support activities includes: 

  • Regular meetings that you attend with your recovery peers 
  • Social gatherings such as reunions and drug- and alcohol-free parties or hangouts 
  • Ongoing networking with your peers via smartphone or computer 
  • Alumni-oriented self-help groups 
  • Support efforts for peers going through crisis points in their sobriety 

Addiction professionals in an organized program can facilitate these kinds of activities. They can also offer advice and provide treatment for any alumni who experience a relapse. 

The Advantages of Rehab Alumni Participation 

There are many practical reasons for regularly participating in an addiction alumni group. Specific common advantages include things such as:

  1. Continued Support: Our programs offer continued emotional and practical support to individuals post-rehab.  This support is crucial in the early stages of recovery when the risk of relapse is high.

  2. Community Building: They help build a community of individuals who have shared similar experiences. It’s a judgement free zone, and can be highly beneficial for those in recovery who need to feel understood and supported.

  3. Events and Meetings: We’ll organize regular events, Zoom meeting, in-person meetings and social gatherings. These can range from group discussions and workshops to social outings at a local roller skating rink. The events provide opportunities for alumni to connect, share experiences, and encourage each other through good times and bad.

  4. Educational Resources: Alumni programs will offer ongoing educational resources and workshops that focus on topics relevant to recovery, such as stress management, healthy living, and coping strategies.

  5. Mentorship Opportunities: Some of our alumni relationships develop into mentorship opportunities, where more experienced individuals in recovery can provide guidance and support to those who are newer to the process.

  6. Accountability: Regular check-ins or meetings help maintain accountability, which is a key factor in preventing relapse.

  7. Resource Sharing: Alumni programs can provide information about additional resources, such as therapists, support groups, or employment opportunities, which can be helpful in maintaining sobriety.

  8. Relapse Prevention: By staying connected to a recovery community and having access to ongoing support, alumni are better equipped to handle triggers and high-risk situations that could lead to relapse.

  9. Volunteering Opportunities: Some of our programs encourage alumni to give back by volunteering, which can enhance one’s sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

  10. Access to Professional Help: If an alum is struggling, the program can facilitate access to professional help quickly, whether it’s counseling, therapy, or medical assistance.

You may also benefit in other ways. For example, many alumni enrich their daily lives through the social contact they make with their recovery peers. 

Access the Benefits of Footprints Beachside Recovery’s Alumni Program 

Shared experiences can bond you to other people in important, positive ways. That’s true during your time in rehab. It’s also true when rehab ends, and you return to your everyday routine. Alumni programs help you and your peers maintain these bonds and use them to everyone’s advantage.

At Footprints Beachside Recovery, we feature a range of alumni services. Our goal is to keep you connected to your rehab peers and make full use of your common experiences. To find out more about our program, just call us today at 727-954-3908 or reach out to us online

Our Featured Alumni

Congratulations to Alumni Robbie on 5 years of sobriety!

Through constant hard work, dedication, and determination, you have stayed sober and free from substance abuse for a full 5 years! This is a major milestone! We are so proud of you for achieving it. Here’s to the next 5 years and beyond!

congratulations to Robbie for 5 years of sobriety

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