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Family Counseling in St. Petersburg, FL

Family Therapy for Addiction in Florida

Addiction is often viewed as somebody’s own personal issue, but it affects all who are close to that person, especially their family. The impact of addiction is huge on a household, as they also suffer the consequences of their loved one’s chemical dependence. The emotional burden and stress felt by a family is often times overwhelming and makes an already bad situation even worse for everyone involved. The biggest priority is for your loved one to get help for their addiction issues, but it’s also important for the family to seek support as well. A family experiences a rollercoaster of emotions when dealing with a loved one’s addiction, and these feelings don’t just subside when your family member decides to undergo treatment for their substance abuse. Sure, you’ll feel relieved that they’re finally getting the treatment they need, and hopeful for a future where they’re healthy and sober. But it’s natural to also encounter feelings of confusion, doubt, and fear, to go along with the exhaustion, sadness, and guilt you’ve experienced to this point. While the client is getting treatment, it is important that the family learns how to confront and deal with these emotions. It’s also critical that they understand how to deal with their loved one once they return home, how to keep them accountable, set healthy boundaries, end the enabling, and provide the healthy support needed. The Family Therapy program at Footprints Beachside Recovery is designed to help both the addict and their family confront these issues and lay the foundation for a better life. It allows for the family to come to terms with their loved one’s addiction, as well as aid in their recovery. [reviewslider postid=”2678″]

Why Family Therapy is Important for Substance Abuse Recovery

Family therapy plays a key role in the addiction recovery process because it allows for an open dialogue between the individual suffering from addiction and the rest of the family. It improves communication between family members in a constructive environment and helps the recovering addict understand the role the family plays in their recovery. Family members are given a chance to share how their loved one’s addiction has directly affected them and confront any feelings they are struggling with. It also allows for any issues that may have played a part in their loved one’s addiction to be addressed, whether in the past or on-going. Bringing all this to life in an open environment can help the family as a whole identify coping mechanisms, understand and avoid enabling behaviors, and prevent substance abuse from spreading throughout the family. It also provides accountability to the recovering addict and allows them to gain awareness of their behaviors and needs. The use of family counseling in addiction recovery has been proven effective and can be done in tandem with other types of therapy, like individual and group therapy. By engaging in family-focused treatment, the family helps make a difference in the life of their loved one, while also improving the emotional and physical state of the entire family unit.

Family Counseling at Footprints

Footprints Beachside Recovery offers counseling and therapy sessions for recovering addicts and their families so that healing can begin within the often complex and dynamic context of the family. At Footprints, you can expect family therapy to work in concurrence with your loved one’s personalized treatment plan as part of our holistic approach to substance abuse treatment. Contact us to learn more about support options that we offer for families of addicts.

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