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5 Benefits of Choosing a Women’s Rehab Center

Above all other factors, you need to find the rehab program that fits your needs.

You need to feel safe, welcome and comfortable in order to be successful, which is why many women choose a gender-specific rehab program.

A high-quality treatment program for women can provide the support needed to break the cycle of addiction.

What Differences Affect Women with Addiction?

Addiction doesn’t discriminate, but women often face different psychological and physiological challenges on their journey to sobriety:

  • Addiction Progression – Women metabolize alcohol and drugs faster than men, which means they can develop an addiction faster.
  • Shame and Denial – Women are caregivers by nature so they can have a difficult time admitting when they need help.
  • Need for Community – Women are less solitary than men and more communal in their approach to recovery.

5 Benefits of Choosing a Women’s Rehab Center

Since these differences in women can affect the success of a rehabilitation program, attending a women’s rehab center can be beneficial for females who want to start their recovery. These benefits can include:

1. Safety and security

Sometimes women can become addicted to drugs because of past sexual abuse and/or violence. In a traditional treatment program where men are present, they may not open up about this abuse. In a women’s rehab program, they are able to feel safe about talking about this experience, allowing them to get to the root cause of their addiction. This sense of safety is especially important for women who are pregnant, as research has shown that those in their last few weeks of pregnancy may respond better to treatment in a women’s rehab facility.

2. A nurturing environment

A nurturing environment can create a sense of safety. In a women’s- only addiction program, clients are more likely to help and support each other during the recovery process. They can create a strong sense of community, which is an important part of the treatment process and a key piece of relapse prevention.

3. Personalized therapy around unique issues women face

When entering treatment, women can feel guilty for what can be perceived as abandoning their families, jobs and responsibilities. There can also be issues like eating disorders and challenges with self-esteem and self-worth lurking beneath the surface. Rehab facilities for women are equipped and ready to address these types of feelings many women have, so they can focus on overcoming their addiction.

4. A multidisciplinary approach

Drug rehab centers for women like Footprints Beachside Recovery leverage a multidisciplinary approach and can include treatments such as:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and other therapies
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Holistic treatment options
  • Aftercare and sober living homes

5. More accepting of sexual orientations

Some women’s rehab facilities can be more welcoming to those in the LGBT community than traditional treatment centers. This judgement-free environment makes it easier for women to open up and heal from addiction.



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