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Finding the Best Heroin Rehab Centers in Florida

You’ve seen the stories on the local news, and you know how deadly heroin can be. The last thing you want is for your adult son or daughter to become another statistic in the opioid epidemic.

Whether you were caught off guard or you saw it coming from a mile away, a loved one has reached out to you for help with addiction to heroin. Now what?

If you’re like most people today, you’re scouring the internet looking for “Florida heroin rehab centers nearby” or “best heroin rehab centers in Florida.” Maybe that’s how you found this post.

If so, then you know just how many options are out there, all of them promising a heroin treatment program that works. You also know that you have to consider things like location, insurance coverage, length of stay, inpatient or outpatient… the list goes on.

Here’s what you might not know: Choosing the right heroin rehab facility isn’t about checking off a list of features or amenities. It’s about asking the right questions—and getting the right answers.

3 Questions to Ask Florida Heroin Rehab Centers

1. What Do Residents Love about Your Treatment Center?

Be on the lookout for an enthusiastic response to this question. Anything less could be a red flag. If the person hesitates to respond or struggles to reply, it could be an indication that he or she is out of touch with residents, or worse, trying to conceal poor customer satisfaction.

Why is this so important? Research shows a direct correlation between a person’s length of treatment and his or her success. Think about it: Would you rather stay in a comfortable, friendly, home-like environment or a sterile, clinical setting? Chances are you’d not only prefer the former, but you’d also be more likely to complete your program.

2. Aside from Treating Heroin Addiction, What Other Addictions are Treated?

Depression, trauma, anxiety, bi-polar, self esteem—more often than not, co-occurring conditions like these play an underlying role in a person’s addiction to heroin. Treating your loved one’s addiction without simultaneously addressing their physical, mental and emotional needs is more likely to result in relapse. That’s why treating dual diagnosis disorders is one of the core focuses of our heroin rehab facilities.

3. What is the Therapist-to-Client Ratio?

It would be easy to mistake one of Florida’s larger heroin rehab facilities—one with lots of beds—as a sign of quality. But, what really matters is the ratio of caregivers to clients. A large heroin treatment center with a small staff might be stretched too thin to provide the individualized care your loved one deserves. At Footprints, we maintain a 4:1 ratio of therapists to clients, so you can expect a more individualized program for your adult child.

Footprints Beachside Recovery: Holistic Heroin Rehab in Florida

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