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Is Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Right for My Daughter?

A woman suffering from addiction talking to a therapist.

Sometimes you catch yourself thinking back to when your daughter was first born. She had you wrapped around her little finger from the moment her giant, innocent eyes looked up at you. You loved seeing your daughter grow up over the years, getting to witness and be part of her happiness and accomplishments.

But you’ve also experienced the hardships of raising a daughter, from trying to help her navigate school-girl drama and bullying and trying to help her cope with the pressures society puts on women.

Raising a daughter is much different than raising a son. And now that your child is struggling with another hardship – addiction – you wonder if she needs a treatment center specifically tailored to handle substance abuse in women.

In this post, we’re going to walk you through gender-specific addiction treatment. That way, you can decide if it’s a good recovery option for your daughter.

What is Gender Specific Addiction Treatment?

Gender-specific addiction treatment refers to rehab programs that treat men and women separately based on the unique challenges of each gender. There are, in fact, biological and cultural differences between men and women when it comes to addiction. Even the reason for developing an addiction in the first place can change based on gender.

As a parent, you only want the best for your daughter and it’s natural to do all you can to help her reach lasting recovery. Gender-specific treatment is known for being sensitive to what women go through with addiction.

Why Your Daughter Would Excel in Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

You Think She Can Benefit from a Safe and Secure Environment

Unfortunately, it’s common for many women who suffer from addiction to feel stigmatized. Women are under a variety of pressures from society, from increased sexualization to unrealistic body standards.

In a women’s rehab program, your daughter will be able to feel safe talking about these pressures and her experiences with them. She’ll be in a non-judgmental environment where she can uncover the root causes of her addiction and focus on developing healthy habits to prevent future substance abuse.

Your Daughter is A Survivor of Abuse or Sexual Assault

If your daughter is a survivor of abuse or sexual assault, she might have started abusing drugs or alcohol as a way to cope. Women who have been through this type of trauma often have a hard time with traditional addiction treatment. It can be challenging for them to share their story when male clients are present in treatment.

In a group with all women, your daughter will be more comfortable sharing her feelings about the trauma she went through. It’s important in the beginning stages of the recovery journey for women like your daughter to feel safe, comfortable and supported.

Your Daughter Has a Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorder

Does your daughter also suffer from a mental health disorder alongside her addiction? Gender-specific addiction treatment can take a dual-diagnosis approach to recovery. This means the program will take the time to get know your daughter on a personal level and help her heal from both her mental health struggles and substance abuse simultaneously.

Recovery is Possible for Your Daughter at Footprints Beachside Recovery

At Footprints Beachside Recovery, we know that women have unique challenges when it comes to addiction. Our luxury rehab center in Florida is committed to helping every female client heal in a supportive environment.

We offer your daughter a women’s-only residence and licensed therapists who lead our empowering treatment groups. Gender-specific treatment has been proven to be an effective way for women to overcome addiction. If your daughter is in need of addiction treatment, it’s time for them to start their recovery journey.

Your daughter has the power to reach lasting recovery. She might just need a little help getting started. Contact our expert staff today. One of our admissions experts will be available to talk to you about your daughter’s struggles and how to get the admissions process started.

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