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The Role of Gratitude in Addiction Recovery

A woman practicing gratitude by doing yoga at home.

“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.”
– Amy Collette

Gratitude is such a simple idea, but so many of us don’t seem to find the time for it in our daily life. The truth is, expressing gratitude is actually a natural way to promote positive thinking. The question becomes, how do you make time for it each and every day. Let’s dive into the role of gratitude in addiction recovery and how you can incorporate it into your life.

Why Should You Embrace Gratitude in Addiction Recovery?

It’s common for people who are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction to be more on guard. Sometimes it’s easy to fall into the “it’s me against the world” mindset. Unfortunately, that mindset is often used as a way to justify any self-destructive behaviors.

But now that you’ve reached recovery, you don’t want to fall back into that way of thinking. That’s where gratitude can help. By taking the time to appreciate the little things, you’ll start to build a more positive outlook. People who actively practice gratitude often experience:• An easier time dealing with personal challenges

  • The ability to think clearly more often
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • More energy and an optimistic mindset

3 Ways You Can Incorporate Gratitude into Your Recovery

The good news is that incorporating gratitude into your addiction recovery is possible. Much like other aspects of your recovery, finding gratitude takes some commitment and practice. Take a look at three ways you can introduce gratitude into your recovery today.

  1. Be Grateful for Your Recovery: Take some time to be grateful for your recovery. Each day you wake up sober calls for some gratitude. Try not to focus on the negatives or challenges in your life and shine a light on anything that has helped you in your recovery journey. You’ll discover that being grateful about your sobriety can motivate you towards accomplishing your goals. Remember not to take your sobriety for granted, as it’s something you worked hard to achieve.
  2. Volunteer and Help Others: One of best ways to bring some gratitude into your recovery is by volunteering. Helping others gives you the opportunity to introduce some humility into your life. The great part about helping others is that you can start small and work your way up. For example, the simple act of holding the door open for someone can give you a new appreciation for others and yourself. As you go on to help and volunteer more often, you’ll discover that it can actually help strengthen your sobriety.
  3. Take Time to Appreciate the Little Things: Someone has probably given you this advice at some point in your life. But what does it actually mean? The first step is being more aware of small moments that bring you joy. Whether it’s someone saying a simple thank you or a random act of kindness, taking a minute to recognize these moments can brighten your mood. Next time you experience one of these moments, take some time to reflect on it. You can even write these types of moments down in a gratitude journal so you can reflect on them.

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