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Group Therapy vs. Individual Therapy: The Perks, Benefits and Effectiveness

By now, you already know there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery from addiction. And that means the most effective treatment programs utilize a variety of traditional and holistic healing methods to better tailor treatment to each individual. But when it comes to therapy, is one approach more effective than the another? What are the benefits and perks? Are there any down sides to the different types of treatment?

When it comes to your recovery journey, it’s important to do your research. By knowing what your options are, you can find the exact right location to start your path to sobriety and know exactly what to expect.

Group vs. Individual Therapy

It can sometimes be hard to wrap your head around the differences between group therapy and individual therapy. Put simply, individual therapy is when you work one-on-one with a clinical specialist to talk through your issues and work towards your sobriety.
Conversely, group therapy is when a therapist leads a group of individuals within a single session.

Both methods of therapy have advantages and disadvantages, and the best rehab facilities typically offer a combination of therapy methods to ensure each client gets a 360-degree approach to recovery.

Group Therapy Advantages and Disadvantages

Group therapy offers unique advantages over individual therapy that are often overlooked. While every person’s journey is unique and different, it can sometimes be helpful to feel as though you aren’t completely alone in what you are going through. Plus, it’s beneficial to see people who have gone through detox, therapy and rehab, and have come out the other side successful.

Other distinct advantages include:

  • Group therapy gives you an opportunity to receive and give support to others
  • Group therapy takes into account a variety of points of view
  • Individuals can gain valuable social and communication skills
  • Individuals can grow greater self-awareness
  • Group therapy provides a safety net for people who are apprehensive about sharing

With everything though, there are always disadvantages. With group therapy, you are not the sole focus of attention and oftentimes your deepest feelings can go unheard. Also, it’s a little more challenging to keep things confidential within a group setting. While most group therapy sessions are kept small, you’re in a position to share your most private thoughts, feelings and secrets to people you don’t know and may not be completely comfortable with.

Individual Therapy Advantages and Disadvantages

With individual therapy, there is always going to be a more personalized and private experience. You are the sole focus of every session and it is designed to work around your schedule, your needs and your specific issues. In certain circumstances, nothing can beat the one-on-one attention.

Other distinct advantages include:

  • Sessions are fully confidential and private
  • The level of treatment and the focus of discussions is highly personalized and more comprehensive
  • The pace for each session is set by individual needs
  • Individual therapy allows the client to gain self-awareness through direct feedback from the therapist
  • Therapy sessions can happen on an as-needed basis
  • Individuals who are shy or introverted are more likely to open up and share feelings
  • In terms of drawbacks, individual therapy can make you feel a little shut off from the world. It’s sometimes difficult to put your sessions into practice. It can also sometimes become very lonely to feel as though you are the only one experiencing certain issues, because there is no point of comparison.

A Comprehensive Approach to Recovery at Footprints Beachside Recovery

At Footprints Beachside Recovery, we customize our approach to better serve the needs of each one of our clients. We fully recognize the benefits of both group and individual therapy sessions and offer our clients an ideal balance of both. We strongly encourage you to talk to an admissions specialist today to learn about the holistic treatment options available at our recovery center.

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