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Heroin Addiction Recovery Even Harder During Holidays

The holidays can be a time of celebration for many, however if you are in the midst of heroin addiction, the stress of the holidays can lead to roadblocks and even relapse. The main causes of relapse are stress, and the holidays can come with plenty of that. Stressors can include dealing with difficult family members, being in many different social situations and having high expectations of your holidays.

This time of year is also more difficult for those who haven’t sought treatment yet. The holidays are a time when problems with heroin addiction can ramp up even more. Many people might find it almost inappropriate to get addiction treatment during the holidays but it can actually be a great gift to your family and friends.

Why Are the Holidays so Hard for Those in Recovery?

People with heroin addiction can find the holidays to be a season of enabling. Everywhere you turn there are parties and some may have drugs and alcohol present. Plus, with more traveling and a busy schedule you could find yourself far from a support system.

Prepare for Holiday Stress and Stay on Your Road to Recovery

  1. Plan to have a support system ahead of time.
    – Attend a meeting before and after your events.
    – Attend parties with a trusted friend or someone else in recovery.
    – Make sure you are able to leave at any time. Don’t rely on others for transportation.
  2. Understand the emotions that the holidays bring.
    – Talk to a friend or counselor about your emotions and expectations of the holidays.
    – Lower your expectations and be ready to forgive yourself and others.
  3. Avoid vulnerable situations.
    – Stay away from people who will cause you stress.
    – Don’t assume you can simply power through a tough situation.
    – Ask for help!
  4. Take care of yourself.
    – Make sure you are eating well and exercise frequently. This will keep you stay strong emotionally.

Come to Us When You Need Help with Heroin Addiction During the Holidays

You don’t have to do it alone. Whether you have decided this is the time to start treatment for heroin addiction or you need help during your path to recovery, Footprints is here for you. We have different programs for whatever stage of treatment or recovery you require, including relapse prevention. Contact us today for the help you need.

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