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Treatment for Trauma and Addiction

Admitting you need help with addiction is the crucial first step of your recovery journey. Finding the right treatment program, however, can pose some challenges. Make sure to research reputable rehab facilities. Treatment tailored to the specific needs of women or men may lead to better outcomes.

Another important factor to consider in your choice for addiction treatment should be how the program deals with issues like trauma.

What is Trauma?

Trauma can be defined as a physical injury, or it may describe other stressful or emotionally painful experiences. An accident on the road can leave you with cuts, bruises, broken bones or even more serious injuries, but the incredible stress inflicted by that life-threatening situation can inflict long-lasting mental damage as well.

Trauma is not limited to single events. It can also include ongoing situations like:

  • child abuse or neglect
  • natural disasters and their aftermath
  • bullying
  • war

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can develop after experiencing these events or situations that often leads to additional complications.

The Link Between Trauma and Addiction

Addiction is a chronic disease that includes many factors. Unresolved trauma may play a significant role in addiction for some individuals.
Your doctor may have prescribed painkillers to help you deal with physical injuries sustained in a life-threatening accident. As you took the drug, you probably experienced relief from some of the mental and emotional pain also caused by your trauma. This can lead to self-medicating with larger or more frequent doses or even branching out to other drugs like heroin when your prescription runs out.

Trauma Informed Addiction Treatment

The symptoms of trauma can fuel addiction, and the effects of drug abuse can lead to more intense feelings associated with your trauma. This combination of conditions is often described as co-occurring disorders or a dual diagnosis.

Individuals that receive treatment for only one of these conditions experience higher rates of relapse. That’s why it’s vital that the recovery program you choose understands the link between trauma and addiction and actively treats both conditions simultaneously.

Trauma and Addiction Treatment in Florida

The professionals at Footprints Beachside Recovery are certified in trauma resolution therapies, and we work with clients to address all the underlying factors associated with addiction. No two cases are exactly alike, so we tailor our treatment programs to meet the needs of each individual through a variety of therapy models and a 12-step program.

Are you struggling with trauma and addiction? Call today for a confidential conversation about how you can achieve and maintain sobriety.

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