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Addiction Rehab Tips for Better Results

1. Give Your Addiction Rehab Program an Honest Chance

If you’ve been thinking about enrolling in an all-inclusive addiction rehab program, it’s important to go in with an open mind. Finding your own path to a long-lasting recovery depends on your commitment to getting the help you need. In this post, we’ll share three addiction rehab tips that could help stack the odds in your favor.

2. Work Together with Your Primary Therapist

An addiction treatment center like Footprints has an experienced clinical team that understands how to assess and treat not just the addiction itself, but also the co-occurring conditions that often come along with it. By working together with your dedicated therapist and building a relationship based on trust, you’ll feel more comfortable sharing the life experiences that could play a role in your addictive behavior.  

Let Your Addiction Rehab Therapist Help You

Of course, trusting someone you just met can be difficult, especially early on in the relationship. But, it’s important to remember that addiction therapists and counselors are specifically trained to care for people who are trying to overcome drugs or alcohol. Still, sometimes people are just incompatible with each other. If you’re still having a hard time opening up to your therapist, don’t feel obligated to hide it.This is your time to talk about whatever is bothering you.

3. Complete the Full Program

According to data from National Institute on Drug Abuse, achieving  the best possible outcome from a drug addiction program depends on your length of stay. While there is no standard length of time that works for everyone, your counselors and therapists will help you determine a duration that could work for you based on your unique needs.

What Happens if You Leave Early?

Like any chronic disease, when you stop treating your addiction, relapse is more likely. Not only this,studies show that those who exit an addiction treatment program before completion are even more likely to relapse. Why is this? During your stay at a drug treatment center, you’ll learn important techniques for managing your addiction over a long period of time. People who give up early may not learn the skills they need or how to use them effectively. 

Footprints Beachside Recovery Can Help

At Footprints, we don’t just treat addiction; we treat our residents as whole people. We’ll work together with you to develop a proven drug and alcohol treatment program to address the underlying addiction factors and potential relapse triggers. Don’t wait.

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