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Addiction Recovery Blog

Outsmart These Common Addiction Myths

Drug and alcohol addiction may be more common than people want to believe. According to some estimates there are more people with substance abuse disorders than people with cancer. So, why does drug and alcohol addiction continue to be among the United States most misunderstood healthcare problems?
Among the many answers to this complicated question is no doubt the prevalence of in accurate addiction myths like the ones we’re about to explore here. Welcome to the first installment of an ongoing blog series where we will address some of the most common myths Americans still believe regarding addiction or recovery.
Follow along with us, and you’ll gain a better appreciation for what addiction is and why it’s
often so hard to treat. 

Addiction Myth 1: An Addict Must Want to Get Better

Believe it or not, recovering addicts seldom enter an addiction rehab center because they want to. Instead, they usually decide to enter drug rehab for two reasons:

  • Because their family, friends or loved ones talked them into it
  • Because of a court-ordered mandate

However, no matter the reason, scientific studies cited by the National Institute on Drug Abuse show that when addicts are under pressure to confront their addictions, they experience comparatively better outcomes.

Addiction Myth 2: The “Rock Bottom” Moment

There’s no denying that habitual drug or alcohol abuse comes with a host of negative life consequences. Job loss, debt, arrests, injury… the list could go on and on. What is not certain,however, is that a person’s success in an addiction recovery program is related to hitting a perceived “rock bottom.” In fact, many experts believe it’s better for recovering addicts to get help sooner rather than later.

Addiction Myth 3: Addiction is a Character Flaw

This is a big one. It is a scientific fact that habitually abusing drugs or alcohol causes physical changes in a person’s brain. These changes are not only real; they’re measurable on a cellular level. At this stage, abusing drugs ceases to be a personal choice. No amount of willpower,discipline or positive thinking is enough to overcome the chemical changes in the brain. This is precisely why professional addiction rehab is often the best course of treatment for many struggling addicts.

FACT: Addiction Recovery is Possible

At Footprints Beachside Recovery we help people get the right addiction treatment for their individual needs. This includes not only treating the addiction itself, but also addressing the physical, emotional and behavioral factors that often go hand-in-hand with substance abuse. Learn more about our approach to drug and alcohol rehab, then give us a call today.

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