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Benefits of Telehealth for Addiction

Among the long-standing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic remains a shift to virtual education, employment, et cetera. Achieving the same output level, collaboration, or learning without having to attend or arrive anywhere physically has been essential for those with packed schedules, long-distance drives, or other extenuating circumstances.

The same applies to addiction treatment programs. Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are a way to treat addiction without committing to a full-time stay. At Footprints Beachside Recovery, we took extensive measures to ensure that our virtual outpatient program was not an inferior treatment. We offer the same individualized treatment at our Florida recovery center to anywhere you need to be, fit for a schedule that works for you. There’s no need to compromise your job or education to work towards living a life free of addiction. Contact us today at 727-954-3908 to learn about our options.

Benefits of Virtual Addiction Treatment

Using telehealth for addiction treatment is easily our most accessible option. Usual rehab is limited in scope and scale by being restricted to one location, and each client must be relatively close. Additionally, many people find themselves unable to receive full-time care for weeks to months, meaning that the traditional rehab model won’t be accommodating without some compromise. These factors don’t have to limit your ability to recover from drugs or alcohol. Some of the other benefits of choosing an IOP include:

  • High schedule flexibility
  • Entirely private
  • Personal care that meets every need
  • Less expensive than inpatient rehab

Telehealth for addiction can also be an easy way to transition back out of a full-time inpatient rehab program. The months following rehab are often the most volatile for those freshly recovered. It’s also when the majority of relapses occur. No matter your situation, a virtual IOP can make your relationship with addiction more manageable.

What Does a Virtual IOP Look Like?

Treatment sessions are three hours a day, three to five days a week. During that time, clients and therapists will engage in check-ins, hone skills for recovery, and participate in groups. The structure is essentially the same as inpatient rehab, but the freedom to structure your day is broader.

  • IOPs can be covered by insurance. We can verify whether you qualify for total coverage.
  • Telehealth for addiction hits all the same beats as standard rehab. Our focus remains on customized care, one-on-one therapy, and learning skills that will last a lifetime.
  • You aren’t locked into just virtual care. If you determine hands-on treatment is the right choice at any point, we can evaluate the options and course-correct for the most effective care.

Interested in a Virtual IOP? Call Footprints Beachside Recovery Today

There are several benefits of participating in a virtual intensive outpatient program, the most appealing of which may be the added flexibility. However, virtual IOPs may not be the solution for everyone. Depending on your situation, the telehealth solution may fail to deliver the necessary care.

The potential downside to a virtual IOP is that, since clients will still be in their usual environment, some environmental factors can serve as triggers for relapse. Whether it’s the kind of company kept, the living situation itself, or the association with past drug use, remaining in a situation that was conducive to addiction in the first place may not be suitable for you.

Unsure as to what the best course of action may be? Footprints Beachside Recovery can answer your questions and guide you to the most secure addiction treatment possible. We are a small-scale, family-operated rehab center that emphasizes the needs of each client. Contact us today by using our online form or calling us at 727-954-3908 and begin taking the first steps to sobriety.

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