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Top 10 Common Myths About Alcoholism Debunked

Watching a family member or friend struggle with alcohol addiction is not only frustrating, but also overwhelming because of the myths associated with alcohol abuse. Separate fact from fiction with this list of top 10 common myths surrounding alcoholism.

Myth #1: Alcoholics are usually homeless, poor or unsuccessful

Alcoholics are often high-functioning people who are well educated and hold good jobs. Addiction doesn’t discriminate.

Myth #2: Alcoholics just need stronger willpower

Some people believe that if those suffering from addiction simply had better willpower they could quit drinking. Addiction is a disease and this myth is the same as saying someone with an illness should just get better by not wanting to be sick.

In fact, alcoholics have great willpower, as they are often able to hold down jobs and get through a normal day while being hungover. A different sickness could easily keep a person home from work.

Myth #3: Drinking only hurts the person who is drinking, and no one else

Alcoholism affects everyone around the alcoholic, especially those closest to him or her. This is one of the worst myths about drinking alcohol.

Myth #4: Controlled drinking is possible

Those suffering from alcoholism who try to drink socially or “have just one” usually fall back into old habits or even into a full-blown relapse. It’s important to have a sober network of people who will not put him or her on a harmful path of self-destruction.

Myth #5: There isn’t a problem if they only drink wine or beer

It’s not what they drink, but how it affects their life. To anyone that’s addicted to alcohol, one wine or beer can be the first step down an unhealthy path.

Myth #6: They have to hit rock bottom to get better

Some alcoholics do have to lose everything before they get better. But many seek treatment as soon as they feel they need help. It’s not necessary to wait until things are “bad enough” to ask for addiction therapy.

Myth #7: If someone only drinks on weekends, there isn’t a problem

Alcoholics don’t have to drink every day in order to have an addiction problem. Heavy drinking is defined by the amount consumed and not the amount of days spent drinking. Men can be at risk if they drink more than 4 drinks a day or 14 per week. Women are considered at risk if they drink more than 3 per day or 7 drinks a week.

Myth #8: Alcoholics must go to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Alcoholics Anonymous can be very helpful to those fighting addiction. However, there are many treatment options and therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Some choose to go to AA meetings and incorporate other alternative therapies to stay sober. Whatever your loved one’s needs are, there is a treatment option that will fit their lifestyle.1

Myth #9: Drinking is not a real addiction like drug abuse

Alcohol is a drug and can be as damaging as any other drug addiction. It will have severe effects on the body, which can eventually be fatal if nothing is done to treat the problem.

Myth #10: Getting sober is impossible

The road to sobriety is very possible. It does require work, but anyone can get there. At any stage of alcoholism, you can be successful if you seek alcohol addiction treatment.

When You’re Ready, Treatment for Alcoholism is Available

Alcohol abuse can destroy every aspect of a person’s life. It literally affects every organ and also devastates relationships, finances and careers. When you are ready to help your loved one overcome his or her addiction, Footprints is here. The combination of traditional treatments with a holistic approach focuses on the mind, body and spirit. Begin recovery from alcohol addiction and contact us today to learn more about our comfortable environment for healing.

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1. 10 Most Damaging Myths About Alcoholism. (Accessed Oct 30, 2018).

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