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Can Anti-Addiction Vaccines Help Prevent Substance Abuse Issues?

With so many medical advances in recent years, some are wondering when anti-addiction vaccines will appear on the market. The idea of anti-drug vaccines is certainly not new, and now researchers are starting to close in on these medications and bring some to clinical trials.

While addiction vaccines aren’t available today (not yet, anyway), researchers see it as a future solution for those who are dedicated to quitting and need help avoiding relapse. The theory is that if the sufferer no longer feels the effect of a substance, there is a much lower chance he or she would relapse.

The Science Behind an Addiction Vaccine

An anti-addiction vaccine would induce an immune response that blocks the target drug from entering the brain. The science here is if opioids, cocaine, or heroin cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, the user would not receive any type of high, reward or craving relief from taking an addictive substance.

How an Addiction Vaccine Would Work

When treating drug addiction or alcoholism, medications like Naltrexone (Vivitrol) and Buprenorphine are used to help relieve withdrawal symptoms, decrease addiction cravings and block receptors in the brain that allow the user to get high. These medications often play a major part in the detox phase of treatment.

An anti-addiction vaccine would work in similar ways by eliminating the buzz or high of a substance. While not a “cure” for addiction, a vaccine could serve as a means to better prevent relapse after using Vivitrol and Buprenorphine during treatment to overcome initial cravings and withdrawal.

Potential Benefits of an Anti-Addiction Vaccine

As clinical trials continue, experts and researchers are optimistic about vaccines that could help fight addiction to drugs like opioids, heroin, cocaine and even alcohol. That’s because vaccines would be able to provide benefits, such as:

  • The decreased need to take daily medication, as addiction vaccines would work for months or years at a time
  • The reduction of side effects like joint pain and anxiety that can be caused by medications taken every day to help recover from addiction
  • The ability to stay sober longer
  • Increased physical, mental and psychological health

Treatment at Footprints Beachside Recovery

While anti-drug vaccines aren’t yet available, they may be a crucial approach for addiction treatments in the future. At Footprints Beachside Recovery, we’re constantly staying up to date on the latest in addiction treatment. If you’re ready to take a step toward a life without addiction, contact us to get started. At Footprints, we can offer an individualized approach to addiction treatment including traditional therapies, alternative therapies and relapse prevention.

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