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Warning Signs When Choosing a Rehab

As the opioid crisis continues, the number of corrupt drug treatment centers also continues to climb. Unfortunately, it seems like more and more rehab centers that only care about profit pop up. Deciding to seek treatment is difficult enough without worrying about the reputation and care quality of the center you choose for your loved one.

Luckily, there are legit addiction treatment centers out there that truly care about you and are devoted to your health. As you’re thinking about how to pick a rehab facility, here’s what to keep in mind so you don’t choose a dishonest treatment center:

How to Choose a Rehab Center

How can someone tell the good from the bad? These red flags can help weed out the dishonest rehab centers:

Check out their advertising and website

If the website and ads you’re seeing are generic and do not list a treatment center name, this could mean the source is a broker selling contact information to the highest bidder.

Be wary of free travel offers

If someone offers free travel, it’s important to call the facility directly and confirm that you are speaking to an actual employee. Free travel offers are something to stay away from in general, as reputable centers to don’t typically provide that.

Watch out for unsolicited referrals

If the person you’re speaking with is receiving referral fees, that is a red flag that you are dealing with a broker and not a center.

Be cautious with a fixed length of stay

While some treatment centers offer various lengths of stay, you shouldn’t be told that you’ll be cured after a specific amount of time.

Don’t trust offers of free rent from a “sober home”

Corrupt treatment centers may partner with operators of “sober homes” in order to find patients with good health insurance. They entice them with free rent, grocery gift cards, and more in exchange for going to a specific treatment center.

Be suspicious of a limited discovery process

A good center will spend a long time learning you and your needs. If the person you’re speaking with doesn’t ask for in-depth information about you and your addiction, and doesn’t discuss a personalized treatment plan for your needs, it’s likely you’re dealing with a scam.

Question any daily tests

If your center is doing daily laboratory tests or drug screens, it is billing more than needed to your insurance.

Beware of a lack of licenses and accreditations

Real addiction treatment centers are accredited and licensed. Be sure to ask about their licensure before committing to their program.

Think twice if there are limited programs

A good center will offer a wide range of treatment services. Be sure to ask about things like what their holistic treatment approach is like, how they handle mental disorders, and the types of alternative treatments they offer.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Rehab

Interviewing each facility is important in making the best decision. Do not be afraid to ask the following questions to be sure the choice is the right one for you or your loved one.

  1. What is the staff to patient ratio?
  2. Are there customized treatment plans?
  3. Are the doctors certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine?
  4. Is there a medical director on staff?
  5. Is it staffed with certified chemical dependency counselors?
  6. Does the facility specialize in you or your loved one’s particular addiction?
  7. Does the facility offer any after-care support?
  8. What treatment services are offered?
  9. Is detox handled by this facility or with a trusted detox center?
  10. How long will the treatment last?

Signs of a Good Rehab Facility

Among all of the dishonest treatment centers, there are still credible, legitimate rehab facilities out there. If you’re considering how to choose a rehab center with what you or your loved one needs to recover effectively, look for an addiction treatment center with these characteristics:

  • Those that treat mental health disorders as well.  These are often called co-occurring conditions or dual diagnosis disorders.
  • Programs designed to treat the substance being abused.
  • Programs that avoid rapid detox and other risky forms of withdrawal.
  • Facilities that have treatment for emotional, lifestyle and psychological factors of addiction.

Making the Final Choice

Whatever the result is when choosing a rehab, your choice should offer an individualized approach to addiction recovery. Footprints Beachside Recovery offers just that and treats each patient like family – not just a bed to fill. Recovery will begin on the first day. When you or your loved one is ready to take that first step toward a better life, contact us to get started. Your recovery and success are our top priority.

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