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Heroin abuse shooting up in Bay area

Heroin has tightened its grip nationwide.

The CDC issuing this alert: “Heroin use has increased across most demographic groups. The increase in heroin abuse parallels the increase in heroin-related overdose deaths.”

John Templeton, president of Footprints Beachside Recovery Center, sees it everyday.

“Heroin’s back. It dangerous and it’s worse than ever. Why? Because it’s cut with substances that are inconsistent and extremely dangerous,” said Templeton.

The resurgence of the drug is chilling. Addiction, overdose and death skyrocketing an astounding 286 percent, and Bradenton bears the statistics.

On Monday, a 32-year-old man was found dead in his bedroom. Crime scene technicians found items consistent with heroin use.

10 News tried to speak with his roommate who found him dead in his bed, but there was no answer. A neighbor describes her fears.

“It’s scary, very scary, because you don’t know what’s going on in the apartment next door, and I automatically think of hard drugs and violence.”

While, it’s true heroin can be found on the street, it can also be found in exclusive communities. Experts say heroin doesn’t discriminate.”

“Anybody can be addicted to heroin. A college student, a doctor, a lawyer, even your grandmother could be addicted to heroin,” said Templeton.

Police are now waiting for toxicology to confirm the man died from heroin abuse, but not far away, three near fatal heroin overdoses within two blocks of each other have been confirmed. Investigators say they could be linked, and dirty heroin may be cooking in the dark corners of this quiet city.

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