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Do I Need a New Year’s Resolution in Addiction Recovery?

A man in addiction recovery writing down his sobriety goals in a notebook.

The new year is upon us, with millions of people across the country making resolutions. From striving to exercise more to wanting to eat a better diet, the essence of new year’s resolutions is about self-improvement. As good-intentioned as they are, though, the majority of these resolutions are abandoned by February.
We’ve all made new year’s resolutions that did not pan out. Maybe you didn’t maintain your weekly workout routine or you had one too many cheat days. No matter what it was, that feeling of breaking your resolution can be overwhelming. And when you’re in addiction recovery, these resolutions can add extra stress that might distract you from your sobriety goals. Although it can be tempting to take part in the new year’s tradition, you don’t need a resolution for your recovery to move forward.

Why You Don’t Need a New Year’s Resolution

Making a Change Takes Time

No new year’s resolution turns into a habit overnight. For example, if you decide to get into better shape, going to the gym two or three times won’t transform your body. It takes consistency and dedication over an extended period of time, just like addiction recovery. Your recovery is an ongoing and evolving process that requires your full attention and care. Instead of adding a new year’s resolution, focus on maintaining your recovery. If you do set a new year’s resolution for yourself, be patient and keep in mind that it will take time.

Resolutions Can Cause Added Stress

A new year’s resolution can become a stressor in your life, especially if you feel guilty or ashamed about not being able to achieve it. If you’re in addiction recovery, this stress can make it even more challenging to maintain your sobriety. It’s important to know that even if you feel pressured to have a new year’s resolution, you don’t have to participate. Your recovery is enough.
Instead of setting a new year’s resolution this year, take some time for an honest look at your recovery. Focus on improving your daily recovery routine and take pride in practicing the relapse prevention techniques you learned in treatment.

How to Prioritize Your Recovery in the New Year

Instead of a setting a new year’s resolution, there are more proven ways to support your sobriety. If you need help maintaining your sobriety or have recently relapsed, Footprints Beachside Recovery offers the solutions you need:

  • Outpatient Treatment: Outpatient treatment is a less structured level of care that gives you the flexibility to attend school or continue working as you attend treatment. The outpatient treatment program at Footprints Beachside Recovery is anywhere from 9 to 15 hours per week. It is designed to help you get to the bottom of your substance abuse, develop personal accountability during your recovery and re-establish sobriety.
  • Sober Living: Sometimes making the transition from inpatient treatment to everyday life can be challenging. Sober living at Footprints Beachside Recovery can help ease the stress of that transition. At our sober living homes, we aim to give you independence and accountability over your recovery, backed by personalized support.
  • Relapse Prevention: At Footprint Beachside Recovery, we help clients learn that relapse is a process, not an isolated event. Our relapse prevention program will set you up with a strong foundation of support. Plus, we can help you proactively address any potential challenges before they occur with a relapse prevention plan.

Lasting Addiction Recovery is Within Your Reach

At Footprints Beachside Recovery, we’ve been through addiction ourselves and know how challenging the recovery process can be. But you don’t have to be alone in your journey to lasting recovery. Whether you have recently relapsed or need some extra support in your recovery, we’re here for you.

Our family-run addiction treatment center can help you reclaim what addiction has stolen from you. Footprints Beachside Recovery has a continuum of care, from residential treatment to sober living, designed to help you achieve long-term sobriety.

If you’re interested in personalized support for your recovery, contact our team today.

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