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How to Enjoy Spring Break in Recovery

A picture of a sunset on Spring Break

Looking forward to enjoying an evening fire on the beach or spending quality time with close friends on a new adventure? Spring Break has become a yearly tradition for people to escape the stress of work and school. It’s the perfect opportunity to reset, but the relaxation of Spring Break often comes with the well-known abundance and use of alcohol and drugs.

While the escape from the grind of daily life sounds appealing, it’s reasonable to be worried about the effect Spring Break will have on your addiction recovery. If you’re interested in treating yourself to a vacation, explore the tips below to learn how to enjoy Spring Break in addiction recover while minimizing risk to sobriety.

Keep in Touch with Your Support System

When you’re in addiction recovery, many of your support resources are likely to be near your home — a problem when you travel since you’ll be away from your normal routine, support groups and family. So it’s important to develop a temporary plan to manage any stress and cravings.

The good news is, in our age of connected technology, you’ll always have access to those you count on for support. Before you leave for Spring Break travel, talk with a few family members or friends and ask if you can keep in touch with them. That way, if you feel any stress or cravings start to feel overwhelming, you’ll have trusted people who will be there to help.

It’s also a good idea to join some online support groups before your trip. While friends and family can help, other people in recovery have personal experience with what you’re going through. Websites like In The Rooms give you the opportunity to sign up for online support groups, from wherever you may be traveling.

Have Alternative Activities Planned

While many Spring Breakers are spending time clubs and partying, there are plenty of other activities that can give you joy without risking your recovery. Before you head off for your R & R, do a little research and make a list of risk-free or low-risk activities at your destination. Look for local restaurants that serve more food than alcohol. Amusement parks and experiential activities like jet-skiing or rock climbing are good places to start. You can even do some research to see if there are any “sober” bars in the area.

Let’s say you’re on Spring Break, and one of your friends suggests that your group should go to a bar on the beach. The pressure of being around excessive drinking can trigger destructive behavior. But if you’re ready with an alternative idea, you’re more likely to steer your friends away from activities that threaten your recover.

Maintain Realistic Expectations

It’s important to have realistic expectations when you go on Spring Break in addiction recovery. There will be activities like having cocktails on the beach or spending hours at a nightclub that you should avoid. Early on in recovery, it’s natural to feel left out, since you might have had to break away from old habits. Prepare yourself to skip some activities you once enjoyed. While this might bring about some initial feelings of regret, remember that it will help safeguard your sobriety.

Changing old behaviors doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on your trip. Whenever you have to make a decision that puts your recovery first, it’s a good opportunity to indulge in self-compassion. Don’t judge yourself too harshly if you have to avoid situation that threaten your recovery.

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