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Why Texas Residents Should Consider Florida for Addiction Treatment

A man in Texas thinking about going to Florida for addiction treatment.

Texas, or the “Lone Star” state, is known for its deep historic roots and an unparalleled local food scene that draws in tourists from all over the world. Unfortunately, the state’s unique culture is not enough to stem the tide of substance abuse. If you’re part of the roughly 2.1 percent of people in Texas who struggle with substance abuse, you may be looking for the best way to recover.

There is no shortage of quality addiction treatment centers across the country and within your home state. However, the best recovery solution is often going out of your home state for treatment. Let’s take a look at why Texas residents should consider going to Florida for addiction treatment.

3 Reasons to Travel from Texas to Florida for Treatment

1. Going to Florida Gets You Out of Your Normal Routine

One of the most effective ways to break a habit is to remove yourself from your normal environment. In Texas, there are places and people that trigger or contribute to your destructive behaviors. Going to Florida for treatment will help you break out of your comfort zone, avoid the temptations that encouraged your substance abuse and introduce you to new, exciting experiences.

Going to Florida for addiction treatment will also help you escape from the daily stressors of your life. Getting away from your normal environment can not only reduce cravings but give you a glimpse into what your life can be without drugs or alcohol.

2. Out-of-State Recovery Helps You Manage Your Reputation

Do you have co-workers, friends or acquaintances who you’d prefer not to know about your struggle with addiction? Going to Florida for treatment would give you more flexibility to maintain your privacy and reputation.

When you’re starting your journey to lasting recovery, your sobriety needs to be your main focus. In Florida, you won’t have to spend any of your energy on keeping your treatment to yourself or worrying about what anyone you know will be saying about your recovery. When you aren’t worried about running into someone you know, you can channel all of your attention into healing from your addiction.

3. Physical Separation from Texas Can Boost Your Recovery

There’s no question that conquering a drug or alcohol addiction is hard work. It’s natural for anyone in the early stages of recovery to go through a variety of ups and downs. When those downs happen, the temptation for relapse is at one of its highest points. If you’re in your home state of Texas during this time, you might go out to your old hangouts and relapse as a way to handle the stress of recovery.

On the other, being in Florida for addiction treatment can lower your risk of relapse during these low points. You’ll be in an environment and surrounded by individuals who can help you work through your stress and cravings in a sober way. You’ll also have less ability to return home on a whim to relapse.

Now that you know the main benefits of traveling to Florida for addiction treatment, you just need to find a reliable and trusted addiction treatment center.

Discover Quality Addiction Treatment in Florida

At Footprints Beachside Recovery, we know what it’s like to struggle with substance abuse – but we also know how to recover from it. We have over 10 years of experiences helping people from across the country reach lasting recovery. Our family-run addiction treatment center in Florida is dedicated to helping you work through your substance abuse and reach lasting sobriety.

Contact our admissions team today to see how we can help you break free from your addiction.