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5 Benefits of Group Therapy

If you’re in the process of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, group therapy should be on your radar. While you may be hesitant to consider group therapy because you don’t know if you’d like to open up to a small group of people, it can truly help you in your journey to a healthier, happier life. 

With group therapy, you’ll meet with a small group of people under the supervision and guidance from a professionally trained therapist. Since these people are also going through the recovery process, you’ll be able to relate to one another and share insights, feelings, and advice. Here are five of the many benefits of group therapy. 

1. Peer Support

Group therapy requires that all participants attend sessions and encourage one another to succeed. You may find it easier to continue your treatment and follow your plan when others are doing the same thing. Positive peer support and positive peer pressure can do wonders for your recovery.

2. The Chance to Witness Recovery

As long as you participate in group therapy sessions on a regular basis, you’ll witness others overcome addictions that are similar to yours. This can give you the hope and motivation you need to keep going. It also opens the doors to learning opportunities from people who have been in your shoes. 

3. Ongoing Camaraderie

If you stick to one-on-one sessions or only turn to your loved ones for support, you may experience a sense of isolation. Group therapy can eliminate this issue and allow you to feel ongoing camaraderie. You’ll connect to those who are going through the same challenges. There’s also a good chance you’ll become friends with others in your group therapy sessions and lean on them when the going gets tough.

4. Improved Coping Skills

Since group therapy gives you access to the experiences of others who have struggled with addiction, you’ll likely develop healthy coping skills. You’ll find out how they’ve have handled similar problems and use their experiences to help you through your own struggles. You may also better relate to your spouse, children, parents, siblings, and other people in your life.

5. Structure and Responsibility 

One of the greatest challenges of the recovery process is denial. If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, your life may be in chaos and long for the structure and discipline you need to admit you have a problem and stick to your treatment plan. Group therapy may establish rules and consequences so that you are aware of your responsibilities and adhere to them. 

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